Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do your product have any sort of Warranty ?

Our Product comes with general Terms & Conditions which are parallel with other Manufacturers.

Do you have any Certification for your product ?

We plan to get it certified for its technical parameters and Eco-friendly tag soon. The product is made using waste materials and is tested by Engineers in Labs of Thapar University.  If its is required for certain size of project by the client, it can be done specifically.

How do you sell your product ?
Since we can make product into three major forms (Bricks / Table / Tiles) and also available with custom colors. We can work in two ways:

  • If you have anything specific in mind you can share it. This will let us clarify (i) if we can make this and (ii) what the expected costs will be.
  • If you are open to Ideas / Design by our team, you can give us an idea of your budget and we can look for what best can be done in it.
Where can i buy this product?
Right now we sell the product specifically as per projects. We like to work with Architects and Clients directly for the product requirement. You can contact us with your inquiry.
What is the price range of your product ?
The price range is totally dependent on your project’s shape/size and quantity. Our team puts a lot of effort in elegant designs. We make a luxurious decor product. Our main focus is Design + Sustainability with Aesthetics for the budget that matches. Check our pricing policy.
How much time does it take to deliver the product ?
it totally depends upon the size and location of your project. Generally we consider a Pre-order time span of one month (Not Fixed).
How can i get samples of your product ?
Please fill up this form to order samples. Note: At the moment we only send out samples to clients on order.
How/ Who can Collaborate with us ?
We are looking for collaboration with companies experienced in : 1) Manufacturing of Bricks/ Concrete Blocks 2) Furniture Manufacturers 3) Construction Companies 4) Logo / Name Plate Manufacturers 5) Architects / Interior Designers 6) Investors
Fill in form to notify us for your interest in Collaboration


Design and Developed in Netherlands, Made in INDIA