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Baffle Range is an alternative, effective and safe solution for practicing small arms shooting, designed and developed by scientists at TBRL (DRDO), Chandigarh. Baffle Range is designed based on the user’s need to reduce the danger zone to a considerable extent compared to what is required in conventional classification ranges.


• Baffle firing stages are blanketed capturing exercise areas.

 • They are designed to save you feasible injuries because of stray bullet injuries.

• They are constructed in a manner which doesn’t have an effect on the education necessities of the armed forces.

• The stages can facilitate firing from three hundred to 500 meters.


Slurry infiltrated fibrous concrete (SIFCON) may be taken into consideration a unique fiber concrete with excessive fiber content. It has extraordinary ability for utility in in which excessive ductility & resistance to influences are needed. Sifcon panels are utilized in baffle stages for bulletproof firing as a sacrificial layer to guard FCC structures. These panels are to be advocated for all upcoming baffle stages in India.


We at Roschcrete consider our clients’ safety as our top-most priority. Hence, we manufacture a special high-grade concrete containing patented ingredients for:
  • SIFCON  Panels for Baffle ranges (Slurry infiltrated fiber concrete)
  • FICS -Anti Ricochet Panels for Baffle Ranges (Fiber Infiltrated Concrete Slurry)
  • Cellular Foam Concrete Blocks
  • Permanent Defence Structures
  • Ground Barriers for Baffle Ranges
  • Composite panel
We are a reputed & recognized company by Govt. Of India with a vast 10,000 sq. Ft state of art research facility. 
We offer a wide range of customization and specialization options for ballistic panels. Our products can be certified and tested by various government agencies (Pan India). In addition, we have a specialized manufacturing unit and a fully equipped research lab for defense/ballistic products.  Our research team comprises well-qualified engineers & designers, who take care of minute detailing to bring the best product.
We have a very well-tested FICS Panel and cleared test from TBRL. Our testing was done through
  • 7.62 * 51 MM five bullets with inter bullet distance is less than 51 MM or overlapping
  • Second bullet was also 7.62*39 MM, Inter bullet distance was 51MM or less.

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